What's on @ RMIT

May Edition!

Bold and Textured Graphic Design Mentor and Apprentice

Various Sessions | 10AM to 12PM

RMIT City & Bundoora Libraries

Women Doing Yoga Illustration
Cute Dog Cartoon
Cute Camera Digital Hand Drawn

Victorian Intervarsity Ultimate Frisbee

Clean Detailed Proportional Ultimate Player
Clean Detailed Proportional Ultimate Player

17 May | 11AM to 4:30PM

RMIT Bundoora Campus Oval

Quick Tips banner with light bulb. Vector
Organic Lined Korean Adults Walking
Friends Walking
Delicious Tasty Breakfast Cartoon

Pride Palette Art Exhibition

Teen Boy Music DJ Vector

Every Tuesday | 12PM to 2PM

Brunswick, Building 514 Courtyard

Every Wednesday | 12PM to 2PM

Bundoora West, Building 204 Courtyard

9 & 23rd May | 12PM to 2PM

Bundoora East, Building 254

Every Thursday | 12PM to 2PM

City Campus, Alumni Courtyard

Quick Tips banner with light bulb. Vector
Dollar Sign Icon

Victorian Intervarsity Lacrosse

13 & 20 May | 6PM to 9PM | RMIT Sports Centre, Bundoora Campus, Building 203 (outdoor futsal courts)

Business women practicing stress relief lotus pose, mindfulness meditation, Multitasking, time management and productivity concept.

Progressing Disability Inclusion at RMIT (Global Accessibility Awareness Day)

Being connected means building and strengthening relationships to support and enrich your life.


Being Gorunded

Being Active

Being Curious

Being Thoughtful

Being Connected

Being Balanced